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  • Name: Large span steel structure
  • Model: ZHSS017
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Large span steel structure

Large span steel structure is transverse span which is more than 200m,large span steel structure works under its own dead load, so the main problem is to reduce self-weight of structure 


   1. Environmental friendly   

   2. Low cost and maintenance

   3. Long using time up to 50 years

   4. Stable and earthquake resistance up to 9 grade.

   5. Fast construction, time saving and labor saving

   6. Good appearance

   7. Easy assembly and disassembly several times without damage

    Design Parameters:

  1. Live load on roof (KN/M2)

  2. Wind speed (KM/H)

  3. Snow load (KG/M2)  - If Applicable

  4. Earthquake load - If Applicable 

  5. Style of Doors and Windows

  6. Crane (if you have), Crane span, Crane lift height, max lift capacity, max wheel pressure and min wheel pressure

  7. Size: width X length X eave height, roof slope

  8. Or your idea!

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