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Maintenance method of Steel Workshop

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Zhaohong Steel Structure supply steel workshop for sale.Our company has strong strength and rich experience in steel structure projects.With the development of our industry, all walks of life are developing very fast. In the construction industry, from the beginning of the concrete building to the present steel structure building, construction industry materials are getting better and better, and construction is becoming more and more convenient. Steel structure plant construction cycle is relatively short, and easy to construct, the price is relatively affordable, but also easy to assemble and disassemble, by many manufacturers favor. There are many ways to maintain the steel structure workshop.

steel workshop for sale

1. fire resistant materials should be applied to steel structure workshops, with different fire resistant coatings for different areas of steel structure.
2. spray flame retardant coating is also acceptable, commonly used flame retardant coating has foam fire retardant paint, fire resistance will be better.
3. on the surface of steel structure, there are many kinds of materials on the surface of the steel structure, so we must choose suitable materials for spraying.


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