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Steel structure building

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Steel structure building is a new type of light steel structure building formed from a main steel framework comprised of H section steel, Z section steel and U section steel, the roof and walls utilizing a variety of panels such as color steel sheet, rock wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, EPS sandwich panel, etc. and accessories such as door, window, rainspout, cranes, etc.
Prefabricated Prefab Steel Building Modular Container Warehouse Home Hotel House :
1. Greatly saves the construction time, the construction is not affected by the season;
2. Increase residential space use area, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution;
3. Construction materials can be reused to promote the development of other new building materials industry;
4. Good seismic performance, easy to transform in use, flexible and convenient, to bring comfort and so on;
5. High strength, light weight, high safety and affluence of components, reduce building cost;
6. In line with the national sustainable development strategy, low-carbon, green, environmental protection, energy conservation and other key industries supported by the state. 

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