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Warehouse workshop steel structure supplier China

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-29
Steel structure warehouse workshop included the main structure (steel beam/girder, steel column/pillar), the secondary structure (roof and wall purlin, steel bracing, tie-bar etc ), door and windows, and other accessories.
Steel structure warehouse workshop can be widely used in many products and industries, such as chemical industry, heavy industry, machinery plant, textile industry and so on. 
Steel structure warehouse Features: 
1) Prefabricated and customized design 
2) Low foundation cost, thanks to the light weight of the structure itself 
3) Easy construction, time-saving, and Labor saving 
4) Flexible layout, beautiful appearances, and higher space efficiency 
5) Steel structure workshop Can be used as warehouses, workshops, shopping mall,dinning hall, stadium etc.
Steel structure warehouse is widely used in easy factory construction. It has short period construction, economical and beauty. 

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