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Where is the wholesale Steel structure?

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Steel structure is composed of iron steel, is one of the main types of building structure. The steel structure is mainly composed of Steel Beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of steel and steel plates. And the joints or bolts or rivets are usually used to connect the components or parts. Because of its lighter weight, and the construction is simple, widely used in large factories, venues, super high-level areas.
1. High material strength, light weight
2. Steel internal organizational structure is uniform, nearly isotropic homogeneous body.
3. Steel components facilitate the manufacture of the factory, site assembly. Factory mechanized manufacturing of steel structural components, high precision, high production efficiency, site assembly speed, short construction period. Steel structure is the most industrialized structure.
4. Steel structure construction building demolition almost no construction waste, steel can be recycled.
We are extremely powerful in supplying Complex Steel Structures:
We are good at flexible and versatile production for the fabrication of complex and heavy steel pieces and structures, thanks to:
1) Advanced engineering
2) Proven fabrication processes adapted for carrying out these types of unique products
3) Know-how and long-standing experience in fabrication of complex steel built-ups
4) Lifting capacity of 200 tons for handling fabrication work of heavy steel built-ups
5) Large working areas to carry out assembly work of oversized steel built-ups
6) Important fabrication capacity for large scale projects
The weight and size of these types of products or the combination of these factors can be challenging, especially in terms of handling activities in the plant and transport. As such, certain of the steel built-up components weighing over 60 tons have to be shipped in sections to the construction sites where they will be installed.
5. Packaging& Shipping for Steel building ( made of steel structure ) :
1) All the structure components, panels, bolts and sorts of accessories will be well packed with standard package suitable for ocean transport and loaded into 40' HQ.
2) All the products are loaded at the loading site of our factory using crane and forklift by our skilled workers, who will prevent the goods to be damaged.
3) Good relationship with many vessel companies to make sure the transportation smooth.

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