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Why is a steel garage so popular? This is the root cause!

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A structure dominated by steel is one of the main types of building structures. The steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformation ability, good material homogeneity and isotropy, so it is particularly suitable for building steel structure garages.
First of all, let us first understand what characteristics of steel structure garage?
1. The main material is made of steel, which has high strength and high modulus of elasticity. The components are small and light, which is easy to install and transport. Under the same stress condition, the steel has a small self-weight and can be made into a structure with a large span.
2. Good plasticity and toughness, suitable for impact and dynamic loads, and good seismic performance.
3. It has weldability and adopts welded structure, which greatly simplifies the connection of steel structure and facilitates mechanized mass production. The fabricated profiles and steel plates are mechanized and mass-produced in the factory, with high production efficiency, high speed and high precision of finished products. The quality is easy to control.
Long service life, skeleton for more than 30 years, PVC board for more than 20 years; Yongjiu film for more than 40 years; snow load of 20 cm, can resist 11 strong winds

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