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What are the advantages of Steel Structure Warehouse?

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1.Light weight 
2.High strength 
3.Steel structrue warehouse can be assembled quickly and accurately
Steel Structure Warehouse:
The light steel structure workshop (prefabricated house) can save time and can be installed in any weather. Also the house have advantage of it's fire-proof, heat/cold-insulation, non-shrinking and enlarge the work size and have little pollutions, we produce and install different kinds of light steel structure buildings have a good framework. They are safe, easy to install and disassemble, also can be used multiple times without special tools. Special used in warehouse, workshop, temporary office, etc. We have an excellent designing team and we can produce according the customers' requirements 
Steel structure workshop features: 
1) Prefabricated and customized design 
2) Low foundation cost, thanks to the light weight of the structure itself 
3) Easy construction, time-saving, and labor saving 
4) Flexible layout, beautiful appearances, and higher space efficiency 
5) Steel structure workshop can be used as warehouses, workshops, shopping mall, dinning hall, stadium etc.
6) Fast construction and easy installation. 
7) Long using life: Up to 50 years. 
8)Others: Environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water proofing, and energy conserving. 

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