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Installation method of colour steel plate movable room

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The activities of the board and the construction of the building will be around almost, and wall foundation leveling, preferably with reinforced concrete, relatively strong; then the post, with a horizontal beam on the skeleton together, diaphragm wall panels, door and window frame; with the floor, then to put a layer, and then on the roof and roof panel; finally install windows so, pull the vertical support. There are sanitary ware, hardware and so on.

In fact, this is light steel structure, and steel structure workshop is very similar.

The real hidden project is in the construction process, to complete the procedure, will be the next process to cover up, the completion of all the parts can not be checked, make room decoration, "covert project" is the key, if the "covert project" is not good, the surface decoration beautiful, in vain.

"Hidden works" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation and moisture-proof, waterproof and other projects. Each of these projects can not be ignored, and if any link is out of the question, it may cause serious economic losses, and even bring harm to personal safety. Waterproof engineering construction process and material identification, to avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries.

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