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Steel structure construction manufacturer

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Steel structure construction Product Description
Pre-Engineered Building / Steel Structure is becoming more and more popular all over the world. With steel structural H beam as the main frame, the warehouse appears more beautiful in shape and it can satisfy the demand of various of shapes designed to meet different demands. Decorative curtain walls can be easily assembled on the steel structural members too. Meanwhile, steel structure warehouses have better anti-seismic performance up to Eight grade earthquakes.
Main Features
1) Enviromental friendly
2) Lower cost and maintenance
3) Long using time up to 50 years
4) Stable and earthquake resistance up to 9 grade
5) Fast construction, time saving and labor saving
6) Good appearance
- Light weight compared to concrete.
- Low cost: Unit price range from USD35-80/sqm according to customers' request.
- Easy and fast installation, save time and labor cost.
- Lifespan: 50 years.
- Environment friendly, stable structure, anti-earthquake, water proof, fire proof and energy conserving, prefabricated and customized design, high space efficiency, nice appearance, recyclable…
Company Information:
Hebei Zhaohong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (formerly named as Hebei Baosheng Light Steel Color Plate Factory) is an enterprise specialized in steel structure designing, processing,manufacturing and installation and is well-known both at home and abroad. Established in 1998 and with registrated capital RMB 1.8 million, the company has strong strength and rich experience in steel structure projects.Located in Hebei Province, which is one of the bigger manufacturing and processing base of steel in China,the company has big advantages in raw material price.

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