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Large Span Steel Structure Manufacturer

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Hebei Zhaohong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional large span steel structure manufacturer in China.Do you know what protective methods are commonly used in Large Span Steel Structure?

Zinc and aluminium are negative potential and steel structure constitutes sacrificial anode maintenance function so that the steel is basically maintained. At present, aluminum sprayed coating is used to prevent corrosion of industrial atmosphere and marine atmosphere. The characteristics of steel structure are as follows:
(1) aluminum sprayed coating has strong bonding strength with steel matrix, long coating life and good long-term economic benefits.
(2) The technology is flexible and suitable for long-term protection of important large-scale and difficult-to-maintain steel structures, and can be used for site construction.
(3) Zinc or aluminium spraying coatings with anticorrosive coatings can greatly extend the service life of the coatings. From the point of view of theory and practical application, zinc or aluminium spraying coatings are the best bottom coatings for anticorrosive coatings. The protective life of the composite coating of metal spraying coating and anticorrosive coating is longer than the sum of the protective life of metal spraying coating and anticorrosive coating, which is several times longer than that of the single coating.
The heavy duty anticorrosive long-lasting coating consists of primer, intermediate paint and top coat.
large span steel structure manufacturer
Considering the long-term economy, spraying aluminium coating is the most economical, but the one-time investment is large, well-constructed coating can be in 10 years without maintenance. Epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy mica iron intermediate paint and acrylic polyurethane long-term protection system have better economy
Steel structure building construction are often sprayed with zinc or aluminium, and long-term anticorrosive structures are made up of heavily corrosive coatings, or coated with matching heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings. Metal zinc and aluminum have great resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Spray zinc or spray aluminum on steel components.

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