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High Quality Steel Structures Manufacturers China

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Hebei Zhaohong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. are high quality steel structures manufacturers China.Steel structure building warehouse is a new type of light steel structure building system formed from a main steel framework comprised of H section, Z section and U section steel components, the roof and walls utilizing a variety of panels and other components such as windows, doors, and cranes.
We have many years steel structure fabrication experience.We have very good and comprehensive after-sales service.Professional non-destructive testing, fully equipped.
We have full set of manufacturing process plan to ensure delivery on time.
Steel Structures Manufacturers China
1. Environment-friendly
2. Cost reduction and maintenance
3. It takes up to 50 years.
4. 9 stage seismic stability
5. Quick construction saves time and effort.
6. Good appearance
The prefabricated warehouse is widely used for workshop plant, warehouse, office building, steel shed, aircraft hangar etc.
prefabricated warehouse

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