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Steel Workshop For Sale China

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Hebei Zhaohong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. produce high quality steel workshop for sale China.We have professional teams and factory, so we can undertake various forms.
Steel structure workshop is characterized by lightweight, less material consumption, rapid construction, but also able to withstand a certain level of earthquake, then how does the steel structure workshop play an anti-seismic role? What aspects played a role?
Steel Workshop For Sale China
Firstly, on the top of the structure, the steel structure can be joined by welding, which enlarges the force area after joining, so it has a certain effect on earthquake resistance; the other way is to use high-strength bolts to fix, this method may be better than welding, the effect is one. Like.
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Horizontal strut columns and beams between frames should be set at intervals so that, depending on their density and structure, they can effectively support the steel plant, so that there will be a vertical and horizontal strut beams, to a certain extent, to avoid the collapse of the steel plant, for example Earthquake resistance is also very effective, each longitudinal and transverse beam should be closely matched, some local steel structures can use an angle of 30 degrees to 60 degrees to support, but also can play a very good seismic effect.
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