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Hebei Zhaohong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional China prefab workshop design manufacturer.We are willing to provide you with the most professional and detailed product information.
Steel structure is made of steel, so storage should be very important, then how to store steel structure materials?
1. Can be stored in many places, such as open air, can also be placed in the warehouse, but must be flat, and higher than the ground.
China Prefab Workshop Design
2. The steel should be shown when it is preserved and a detailed indication of quantity, specifications, certification, etc.
3. when stacking, try to reduce deformation or corrosion.
4. when entering the warehouse, it is necessary to carry out tests and qualifying for storage.
You can get some shelves to store when storing, but do well drainage work.
If you need steel warehouse building design,contact us.We will reply you at the first time.
steel warehouse building design

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