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The 6 Necessary Parts Is In The Steel Structure Workshop

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Are you looking for steel structure prefab warehouse for sale?Now the city is in constant construction, in many places need to be applied to the steel structure, especially the steel structure factory buildings. If you need to build a workshop like this in some place, which six parts will you need?
1, embedded parts: (to stabilize the plant structure)
2, Liang: C and H steel are used in general.
3. Purlin: C steel and Z steel are commonly used.
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4, pillar: generally use H steel or C steel (usually with two angles of C steel connections).
5, tile: two kinds, the first is a single tile (that is, color steel tile); the second is composite board. (Note: Two layers of color coated board sandwiched between polyurethane or rock wool to play a warm winter and cool summer role, also has the effect of sound insulation and fire protection)
6, braces and braces, usually round steel.
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