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7 Factors Affecting The Cost Of Steel Warehouse Building Design

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As one of the steel strucure supplier china, let's introduce the factors affecting the price of Steel Warehouse Building Design.
1. The type of steel structure workshop, the time needed, the use of the plant, etc.
2. The height of the steel structure workshop will be increased by two-thirds to three percent for every ten centimeters of the actual height.
3. The amount of steel required will also affect the price of the plant. Although it may be the same type of plant, the difference in the amount of steel will make the price different.
4. The span of steel structure also directly affects the price. If the span is too large, the cost of work will increase.
Steel Warehouse Building Design
5. the choice of crane tonnage size and crane tonnage size selection will also affect the cost of steel structure construction.
6. The construction price of doors and windows has a slight effect on the installation and removal.
7. The size of the building area of nature is a more fundamental reason, the construction area is too large or small, will directly affect the cost of steel structure workshop, also because of this, there will be a main reason for the above other conditions.
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