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China Prefab Workshop Design Supplier

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Hebei Zhaohong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional China prefab workshop design supplier.We have nearly 20 years of production experience, we currently have large-scale steel structure production equipment and automatic spraying production line.

Most of the large buildings in cities are made of steel. When we install them, do you have the following problems? As a professional manufacturer, we will summarize today.
1. Before hoisting, the professional supervisory engineer should verify whether the strength of foundation concrete meets the requirements of hoisting, whether the hoisting scheme has been approved, whether the construction personnel and the construction machinery are consistent with the inspection, whether the hoisting route is consistent with the hoisting scheme, and whether the construction safety can be guaranteed.
China Prefab Workshop Design Supplier
2. Check whether hoisting machinery, locking device, ground anchor, lifting point, driver, command, ground endurance, lifting operation, operation platform, elevation operation, component stacking, etc. meet the safety inspection standards and whether relevant personnel are present, and whether the safety guard line is set.
3. Rain, fog and windy weather must be prohibited from lifting operations.
China Prefab Workshop Design
4. When welding steel structure on site, we should pay attention to checking whether the temporary power line layout and distribution box configuration meet the requirements of the code.
 The company is located in Hebei Province, one of the largest iron and steel production and processing bases in China. It has great advantages in raw materials and prices. Welcome to visit our company.If you want to know more information about steel workshop for sale,contact us.

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