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Installation Method Of Ground Steel Structure

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We are steel structures manufacturers China.Steel structure is made of steel as building structure material, and ground steel structure is a type of steel structure. The ground steel structure is composed of beams, columns, rigid platform columns and guardrails. In the construction process, we should first install columns, then install beams, then platforms, and finally guardrails. The installation of ground steel structures is the first step in the installation of any kind of equipment. Today we will talk about the installation method of the ground steel structure.
1. steel column installation
Steel columns are adjustable and non adjustable. Different structures are used in different locations.
2. steel beam installation
The top support of the column is adopted for convenient installation. The connection between the top of the beam and the column is usually fixed by welding or splint, which has the advantages of disassembly and good stability.
3. steel structure longitudinal beam installation
There are two kinds of splice beams: direct welding and bolted connection. The longitudinal beam and the steel platform are continuously installed from one side to the other.
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4. steel structure platform installation
There are two kinds of steel structure platforms: modular and integral. Modular steel platforms are installed directly above the steel structure or in the middle of the beam after the installation of the beam and longitudinal beam. The integral type is a direct connection between the steel structure beam and the platform.
5. steel staircase, guardrail installation
There are two kinds of ladders, inclined ladder or straight ladder, generally inclined ladder heavier, straight ladder lighter, installation can be hung above the platform a hand-pulled hoist, the ladder will be vertical and platform, on the ground below the corresponding platform installation position, the lower end of the hoist tied up on the ladder, to be pulled to the installation position to adjust the position, the upper and platform beam welding Then, lower the expansion bolts to fix them.
Above is the steel structure to the ground steel structure installation method, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of construction, to avoid unnecessary trouble later.
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