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Correct sequence of steel plate installation of steel frame

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1. check the purlin is properly installed firmly, coating steel seamless coating.

2. before installation, according to the pressure plate layout drawing, according to type classification, stacking. The profiled steel plate faces up and the lap edge toward the roof edge of the installation.

3. steel grid roof panel was laid by the roof cornice at. During the installation process to the cornice line as the base, cable positioning checking. Two adjacent plate end displacement difference is not greater than 8mm, the slope of the roof panel perpendicular to the datum line of the cornice.

4. from the end of the roof, the installation of the first roof floor installation location line. Lay the first piece of pressed steel plate and check it with screws. After the first section of the profiled steel plate is fixed,

5. the next piece of profiled steel plate installation and installation, the installation of its lap edge accurately placed on the previous piece of profiled steel plate. To ensure that the installation position is accurate, the clamp is clamped with the front piece of profiled steel plate. The profiled steel plate is fixed at both ends, and then fixed with screws.

6. pressure plate vertical lap length not less than 250mm, located on lap joint roof purlin, sealant and a row of rivets and screws with waterproof.

7. methods mentioned above will pressure plate installation, each installation of 4 pieces of steel plate, the smoothness of the need to check the pressure plate at both ends, if the error still need to adjust, pressure plate fixed measuring the width of the upper and lower ends of the same time, in order to ensure the safety of profiled steel sheet with accurate position does not appear fan.

8. floor roof to install a certain number, the roof panel began bearing installed between the bearing and the purlins are fixed by screws. Then laying insulation cotton, insulation cotton, installation to ensure tight.

9. The installation of the roof panel of the 9. steel structure grid is basically synchronous with the heat preservation cotton, laying a thermal insulation cotton, installing a roofing panel, and installing the roof panel with the floor of the roof.

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